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Me in a nutshell…

I’m from Texas. I joined Medium in August 2021 and its Partner Program in September 2021. I write mostly about autism (I am) and narcissists/psychopaths (I’m not, but my exes are), although I branch out because variety is the spice of life or something (insert wink here). …

A picture of little ol’ me.

The subtitle is me in a nutshell, but it’s cool if you want more (grin).

Where do I start?

I think I’ll start here…

Asperger’s/Autism Discovery

In March of 2016, I connected some miscellaneous dots and came to the realization that I fell somewhere on the autism spectrum. …

Because Ka-POW!

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Imagine a daily diet like this…

  • Breakfast: None. The very concept is nauseating, as most mornings are spent feeling “generally icky”. The first meal of the day is a peanut butter and honey sandwich in late afternoon.
  • Lunch: None. Snacking on candy throughout the rest of the day.
  • Dinner: A…

Narcissism Decoded

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Narcissistic relationships are not constant. They lack stability. They’re like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates — “you never know what you’re going to get.”

There are good and bad times, and the good times are exhilarating, almost like a drug (and that is actually the exact, literal truth — they…

Different Not Less

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It may be tempting — and even easy — to write off the Autism Spectrum as a pathology. There are differences between autistic and non-autistic people, and sometimes differences can make things harder. The human mind tends to frame difference in a negative light, especially if that difference is misunderstood.

The Silent Wave

An integrative medicine doctor on the autism spectrum who has also survived a 20-year marriage to a controlling mastermind and is starting out all over again.

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