A picture of little ol’ me.

The subtitle is me in a nutshell, but it’s cool if you want more (grin).

Where do I start?

I think I’ll start here…

Asperger’s/Autism Discovery

In March of 2016, I connected some miscellaneous dots and came to the realization that I fell somewhere on the autism spectrum. …

Autism Things

Young adult female with hands on her head and a confused expression, with a blurry photo filter applied.
Photo by Uday Mittal on Unsplash

While wading through my journey of self-discovery that then, at age 38, suddenly included autism, I came across dozens of new terms.

I intuitively understood many of those terms right away.

  • “Meltdown”
  • “Sensory overload”
  • “Alexithymia”

Pieces began to assemble themselves. Light bulbs came on, one by one. My life began…

The Ninja Life

Photo by Saad Chaudhry on Unsplash

Although the legal age of majority in the U.S. is 18 (for most perks — and liabilities, anyway) most of us aren’t truly adults at that age. The human brain actually continues to develop until age 25, although some experts have recently begun to propose later ages.

It doesn’t develop…

silhouette of a female with one arm raised, fist punching into the air above, with a setting sun behind her
Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

Autism is often perceived as any one of a variety of negative concepts. A disorder, problem, a disease, a tragedy…the list goes on.

Negative bias has a way of creeping in and making itself at home.

I’m not trying to minimize our challenges. No doubt, the world is tough when…

Busting Autism Stereotypes

The subject of physical touch comes up quite often in autistic circles.

The opinions are mixed. Some enjoy hugs, others don’t, and many fall somewhere in the middle, with conditions to be met.

The conditions are understandable. For example, strangers are probably excluded. …

Steel Storytelling

a loving married couple standing with the Rocky Mountains behind them on a sunny summer day
Picture used with permission of the people in it

She always said that the moment their eyes met, she promised herself:

“That’s the man I’m going to marry.”

Each was dating someone else at the time. To be proper, they each broke off their connections with the others before they set their first date together.

The first date followed…

Narcissistic Relationships

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

The first few weeks after I’d broken off my last narcissistic relationship were hell. The relationship — and its demise — had left me tattered, fumbling for the pieces of myself that I could try to put back together.

Enter Lisa Romano, who has a fantastic and information-rich channel on…

phoenix bird silhouette rising from flames underneath against a black background with tiny orange stars
Image by Crucifurr from Pixabay

I’m going to explain it if I can
I’m drawing hard lines in the sand
Everything that I had been feeling
Ran from the earth’s core to the cloud ceiling
And the life I’d been living was just turning page by page
And though I age
I heard little whispers…

Bright yellow leaf with water droplets resting on small, pastel-colored wet rocks.
Photo by Max Böhme on Unsplash

For some people, listening to a recording of rainfall through a decent sound system brings peace and calm. They might even need this type of “white noise” in order to fall asleep.

I can dig that. Completely understandable.

It works for me, too.

But there is an enhanced, deluxe version…

two peoples’ hands touching
Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

Once, long before I knew I belonged on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum, someone touched me as she walked by.

It was nothing big, at least not on the surface.

Many people on the autism spectrum have personal viewpoints about touch in which they tend to avoid or dislike it.

I respect…

The Silent Wave

An integrative medicine doctor on the autism spectrum who has also survived a 20-year marriage to a controlling mastermind and is starting out all over again.

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