9 Ways To Recover From the Acute Phase of a Breakup

Even if you were “addicted” to a narcissist!

Photo by Brad West on Unsplash

It’s not that the relationship was necessarily less painful than the breakup. In fact, staying in the relationship could be (and usually is) more painful.

Now that you’ve separated, it’s important that everything you do is geared toward taking your life back, re-establishing a routine of your own, reclaiming your head, heart, and space.

1. Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)

2. Psychotherapy

3. Yoga

4. Spiritual videos

5. Narcissism videos

This is usually an unpleasant leg to your healing journey, but a necessary one.

Most importantly, I learned how to detect the early warning signs of a narcissistic relationship. And now, I’m learning how to heal from narcissistic abuse.

6. Hobbies

7. Add structure to your day/week

Pepper your to-do list for the day with a variety of those activities — a little meditation here, a fruit and vegetable smoothie there, maybe even a little creative writing or getting together with friends after work, and maybe a little reading to unwind before bed.

8. Time with friends/support system

9. Self-Care in general

Final Thoughts



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The Silent Wave

An autistic integrative medicine doctor, survived 20y with a controlling mastermind, widowed at 44, starting all over again.